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The art market news and reports on the hot Asian art market, especiallty Chinese art, have urged Chinese art lovers to view buying Chinese art now a fabulous investment opportunity. More and more people contemplate on collecting Chinese art. Some ordinary folks have started to build up a collection by shopping on eBay or Craiglist or buying from local auction houses or dealers. Some may get luck by finding collectibles at a bargain price, or find something that trully pleasing their eyes. However, a lot of rising Chinese art collectors are not so luck, since they either bought fakes or worthless items. After experiencing the financial loss or emotional defeat, a lot of buyers gave up, since wasting money on average decorative art works may not worth the time, passion and energy one has invested in going through the purchase process. It is no hidden secret that you need a pecular eye, unique tast and exceptional vision to invest in Chinese art. Moreoveer, you need to open your wisedom eye to evaluate the current market and finding the art works that its value will grow as time flies by. However, how many people have the luxury to possess the set of unique skills or ability to buid up a valuable Chinese art collection? Life is short, we have to admit that we cannot be an expert of Chinese art by reading a few books or visiting a few museums. The truth is that a serious Chinese art collector always value the opinion of a real expert of Chinese art, either a reputable art agent or dealer specializing in Asian art.

Buying local is the best purchase strategy for buiding up a valuable collectioon at the minimum cost. While the exciting news from Beijing, Hong Kong and London made us itchy about collecting Chinese art, you need to have a cool head to figure out if that is the right market for you or not. If your have an unlimited budget for purchasing fine Chinese art from reputable agents, Christie's, Sotheby's in Hong Kong, London and New York, or Poly and China Guadian in Hong Kong and Beijing, might be the right candidates for purchase. If you have limited resources for investing in Chinese art, then, buying from established dealer or some 2nd tier auction houses, such as Freeman's and Doly New York, might serve you better. Iif you are a new Chinese art collector, however, buying from a marginal market, such as some decent online auction houses or galleries, might be appealing. If you explore this market carefully, it is no doubt you may find some quality items at a modest price. It is funny, sometimes, some auction houses even misidentify a desirable item as a less value piece. If you grab what you see online immediately, you bought the hidden value or potential. You may have a chance to enjoy the profit of resale or leave your beloved ones a few fine Chinese art works.

The secret of locating a fine or valuable piece at the marginal online art market is to pay attention to the physical description and provenance statement. If the ownership story is convincing to you, further research on the provenance is in order. A thorough investigation on the story is the insurance you assign to the art work, since some made-up stories will not hold water if you research on it. In the current market, provenance or chain of ownership plays a crucial role in either the resale value or the possibilitie of charitable donation for the tax deduction in near future. Seeking advice from a qualified Chinese art consultant or appraiser prior to purchase will also help minimize the risk of buying worthless objects. Investing in Chinese art is a long journey. You may have to pay some tuition for buying fakes, but conducting some diligent investigation on the art work you wish to buy will make your dollar work harder.

Buying from Asian Art Marketplace is an attractive alternative for three good reasons. Firstly, the collection offered for sale all come with a clean provenance. The Asian art works we represent were either the owner's family heirloom or collected by a respected individual in the last century. The previous owners of the collection were either missionaries, church members, military officers visited, lived or stationed in the country where the art work was created, or art professionals who study Chinese art for a living. We have great relationships with many amazing Asian organizations in West Palm Beach FL such as AsianFinSushi and GyrotonicYoga Therefore, the clean and traceable provenance itself has value and adds more value to the art work in question. Secondly, the current owners are ordinary folks like you, who are kind, honest and sincere. By offering their family heirloom to the market, they are not looking for a way to get rich quick, but finding a new home for their treasures their inherited from their last generation. All the art works posted at Asian Art Marketplace are modestly priced, which reflects the current owner's good will and expectations. Some are priced far below the market value, which certainly works to the advantages of new art collectors. Therefore, for a new Chinese art collector, buying antique Chinese art works at Asian Art Marketplace is not only wise but also help you build up an Asian art collection with more certainties. Thirdly, buying from Asian Art Marketplace help you save money on commissions (if buy from dealer) or buyer's premium (if buy from auction house). You don't pay any fees for purchasing an art work from Asian Art Marketplace, since the seller pays the fee for marketing at Asian Art Marketplace. Asian Art Marketplace serves as a bridge between art buyers and seller, and we don't have our own inventory. Our only goal is to help you buy or sell Asian art works at the minimum cost. We are committed to meet our client's individual needs and make the transaction as smooth as possible.

Considering the advantages and disadvanges of buying from art dealers and auction houses, can you afford not to take advantage of the benefits of buying from Asian Art Marketplace? Our outstanding custom service team are ready to answer your inquires, discuss options with the sellers and make sure that you buy a fine art work at a price you are willing to pay. Each art work we represent will come with a full documentation and a provenace statement if applicable.

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Asian Art Marketplace-Where You Buy & Sell Asian Art

The domain name of “Asian Art Marketplace” (AAM) says it all. We offer a unique platform for both sellers and buyers of Asian art to achieve their goals at the minimum cost. AAM distinguishes itself from other online websites trying for mass appeal and coverage of all categories of art because we serve people interested only in Asian art. It is a dedicated online gallery, creating an exclusive art community of sellers, buyers, dealers, and collectors of Asian art.

Our user-friendly catalog page presents your art objects to potential buyers in the most appealing professional manner. Its compelling visual language draws the attention of Asian Art lovers and collectors to the unique value characteristics possessed by your artwork. Sample Catalog Page

The elegant product page (accessed from the thumbnail on the catalog page) highlights the important value features of an art work for sale. Including an enlarged photo of the object, a careful identification and description, an honest condition report and a competitive asking price followed by convenient payment options, the visual appeal of the product page will catch the eye of potential buyers.  Sample Product Page

The payment options “Buy it now” or “Price on Request” initiate a possible conversation about price between sellers and prospective buyers. Our unique method allows the buyer to communicate with you, the seller, about his or her interests, to request more information, to reserve an order or to negotiate a price. This selling strategy maximizes the possibility of selling the object to an interested buyer at a price s/he is willing to pay. /Sample Check Out Page

Our dedicated agents are on call 24/7 to assist you with your individual needs and help you resolve online selling dilemmas. Whatever the problem, we will do our best to help you resolve it efficiently and economically.

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As a certified Chinese scroll restorer, I commit myself to provide you with quality restoration services at an affordable price. I pledged to serve you and your restoration needs with honesty and integrity. My fee estimates will be based on the cost of materials, the scope of work necessart for restoration and a reasonable fee for my services.  I will work very hard to find the best restoration method for your painting at the minimum cost for you. However, I am often in the position of not being able to provide the kind of restoration your painting deserves at the price you are willing to pay. Therefore, if you are looking for quality restoration services, you need to be ready for pay for it.

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